Our Mission

The Community Path of Lynn Coalition INC is made up of residents, community leaders, organizations, businesses, educators, and city and state officials.
Our goal is to unify neighborhoods by raising the current standards of living and quality of life for all residents. We empower and engage by giving residents a voice and a stake in their city’s economic growth and development.
The actual route for the pathway in Lynn will provide direct access to arts and culture, agriculture, education, transportation, and employment to all residents. The creation of The Community Path of Lynn will provide safer transportation, future routes into Boston with a Commuter rail stop, and hopes for the return of ferry service. 
Founder Bio

Lisa Wallace, President and founder of

the CPLC.

In 2012, she moved to Neptune Street Court, in the brickyard neighborhood of West Lynn. She quickly took note of the abandoned railroad tracks running behind her neighborhood, and the issues associated with the tracks, such as drug activity and trash.

Lisa started organizing clean-ups and beautification projects and got her new neighbors to participate. She has a vision for this neglected railroad to become a dynamic, safe, and useful path connecting from the outer neighborhoods in West Lynn to our surrounding communities along the Northern Strand as well as our downtown and the Waterfront and beyond